HP Slate 500: Palm Rejection

Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by jgjackson, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Here's some speculation about the palm rejection. On older tablets (pre Tm 2) that I assume most of us have, the touch capability is resistive based. This means it takes a small, but non-zero amount of pressure for touch to be registered. I notice that I usually rest my hand fairly light on the screen, so even if I lift the pen out of range, I don't usually get any vectoring. This is intrinsically more likely to be a problem when the touch is capacitiv, since any amount of contact will register.

    Another issue is the hover range. On Wagon, the hover range is don to 2cm. The advertised range for Ntrig is 1 cm. Can someone please verify that hover really works with the digital pencil and it's range? Anyway, with a smaller hover range, you're more likely to lift the pencil out of range between words/lines. Maybe some minor retraining is in order.

    On the other hand, I suppose there could be a problem with the screen failing to detect the pencil for brief fractions of a second, causing it to notice your palm instead. Some careful observation will hopefully detect which if any of these is the cause of reported palm rejection issues.

    I'm so looking forward to getting my own hands on mire!
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