Hp Pavilion tx2500z 7Month Review

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by Brasou, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Brasou

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    So! I figured I would right a review on my laptop. Rather then just another review of the laptop when it was brand new, I figured a review after 1/2 a year of daily use would help some people decide.

    I bought my tx2500 at the start of Oct 2008

    4GB Ram
    AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual-core mobile zm-86 2.40GHz
    Windows Vista Home Preminium 64 Bit
    No Finger print scanner(BOO, does anyone know if it would be possible to install one? Or would I have to buy a whole new LCD screen?)
    8Cell Battery
    300Gb HD

    Purchased off Ebay.

    Im not about to do any 3dmark tests or anything like that. Check http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=1217 For scores and pictures.

    So, to sum up the experience I have had in one word....OMGWTFBBQ. Over all the laptop has been great! I am still using the standard vista install, I removed all the "Bloat ware" although there was nothing to crazy installed, just a few apps.

    Touch Screen And Tablet
    The tablet feature works great, personally I do not like the touch screen, it is inaccurate and a pain to use while on power saver mode(works okay in High performance mode) I have had it turned off for the last 4 months, and nearly forgot that it had the feature. But the wacom tablet function is AMAZING. There is nothing like being able to brows your computer and media with a pen(Hates touch pads on laptops). The pen is super accurate and works great for drawing and digital media. I would like to say that although the Tablet is very handy, it is not very efficient for writing for along period of time. Don't expect this to replace typing, it is nice for navigating and drawing small notes and pictures during class, but it is rare that I ever keep my laptop is slate mode, as I you need accese to the keyboard fairly regularly.

    LCD Screen
    The screen itself is decent, I wish I could have the touch screen portion removed because it does cause alittle bit of graininess but only if you really look for it. Other then that, the added strength of the screen due to its need to be touched is amazing. They should build all lcds this sturdy. I can't count the number of times people have told me I shouldn't touch my LCD, only to then (lightly) punch it(the lcd...not the person :p) and laugh.

    Overall performance
    Overall performance is great for daily applications and use. Unless i'm playing a game I keep my laptop in power saver mode as there is no real need for the extra heat that is created from running it at 100%(Even while its plugged in). Programs load fast and are very responsive this laptop puts alot of "Budget" machines in the same price range to shame.

    Gaming performance
    I do not use the laptop for to much gaming, but I do play the following.
    Half life2(Portal, garrys mod, TF2)
    I use my main computer for gaming, so most of the time I just stick to that. But its does run most source games at 100%, other then TF2

    Battery life
    Battery life is So so, it could be better, but it is enough. I have yet to be in a situation where I have run out of battery life(unless I forgot to charge it first :p) But generally I just take it to friends houses and use it around the house or at school.


    Over all the tx2500 is amazing. I am very happy with it overall and I don't regret buying it one bit. its small size(yet not to small) makes it nice to carry around with you and still provides amazing results.

    People complain about heat, so far it does get fairly hot(never to the point where I have had to stop using it) I imagine as we get more into summer it might get worse. but Its summer! shouldn't be spending it on a laptop anyway ^-^
    if it were to get stolen today I would definitely go buy anew one in a flash.

    Well thats about it....Any questions? idk if I missed anything so feel free to ask!
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  2. there148

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    10 months here. bought it on july 08 when it had $400 off coupon. came out as 599 plus tax. couldn't believe the amazing deal.

    didnt like the heat at first, but learned to live with powersave mode. battery is good for up to 4 hours of lecture usage. great graphics card for games like wow or emulation. and very good speaker, good enough for listening to mp3 at high volume. bought it originally for university notetaking, which it excel at. using one note makes the best learning tool. the power of typing combined with drawing makes any class manageable, unlike laptops which are useless for math.

    orall im very happy with this unit. for the price, nothing come close. am glad even as a year has passed there hasnt been anything to outdo this tablet. would definitely buy another if given chance.
  3. joetheboy

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    I ABSOLUTELY HATED my tx2500! I hated it more than public toilets with skid marks. But for some odd reason, I am not happy without it.

    When we first met, I thought I was in love. A humble 2.4Ghz Processor assisted by a 400MHz intergrated graphics, decent 2 GB ram and a keypad that felt precise unlike anyother I've used. With the xb3000 docking station, the external hard-drive and wireless keyboard/mouse, it was my sexy Angelina hp...£500 total from ebay.

    This relationship obviously got really sour when I realised what a devil she was. She started by roaring away during lectures and making a very loud pops when I put it on standby. Maybe she hated me the same way I did. I tried to tweak it to shut its fanns up and She retaliated by either absolutely burning my lap with heat hotter than sahara's worst or smothering me with showers of random BSODs especially in the middle of funny youtube videos.

    I learnt over time that she would always be there because I couldnt afford a more expensive Jessica thinkpad x200 with a smaller graphics ass after going skint in Uni. I started by upgrading the memory to 4GB of crucial. Angelina hp suddenly started behaving nicely, I clean installed vista and the BSOD's stopped. She was then a very decent machine, although severely flawed she performed flawlessly in lectures, the library and in my room:p, impressing people with her vast practicality and functionality.

    Then window7 and the great Mr. Systematic came along. The combination of w7 64bit RC and Mr. Systematics efforts (Undervolting) now makes the tx2500 really come to life. The last time I heard the fans for more than 30 seconds was about 2 weeks ago. Attimes when I put my finger near the vent wondering if my fans are working, it reasures me with a slightly warm stream of air....and thats it. Aside all this she has started delievering over 5 hours of battery life with 40% screen brightness if I have wireless off.

    9 months on, she still isnt perfect...especially with so many led's (up to 12 in laptop mode with caps and numbs on, 9 in tablet mode and up to 15 when docked in tablet mode "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HP?") And the 8 cell battery makes it look awkward and weigh a tonne.

    So maybe my tx2500 is more like the well rounded girl from nextdoor than Angelina Jolie, but regardless, I would recommend the tx2500 to every single person on earth as far as windows 7 remains this smooth and Mr. Systematic's software is around. They truely bring out the design and performance intentions that her creator, hp, wanted.

    Improvements I want:
    • A cooler CPU (Come on AMD!....or hello Intel.
    • Ability to turn off LED's
    • A screen with wider viewing angle and better brightness.
    • Flexibility of replacing DVD drive with battery if I want.
    • On board mini lamp for working in low lit areas.
    • More Cpu and graphics speed haha:D
  4. ilya11naza

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    I'm an artist and I love my tx2500 for what it is - a cheap wacom tablet pc that can run new games on low-mid settings. After 10 month of use my main problem is the screen and the screen hinge. The screen makes it impossible to draw outdoors, even on a cloudy day. You could maybe manage working in Windows - but if you need to do anything remotely artistic you have to go indoors or wait for the evening - the colors just dont show up at all. Also, the monitor makes images look too bright, while the screen itself is rather dim. Finally, the screen hinge is not very sturdy, so after a few month of use you might have to hold it with your hand if you want to be able to draw and use the keyboard at the same time. And that is something you will want to do often, because the buttons on the screen are not customizable. At least, not officially. Otherwise, its a great tablet and is expesically impressive in terms of its value.
  5. whazzup

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    joetheboy, u do so speak my mind....nice comparison.... XD
  6. octagonalman

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    The part of the shell separating the card reader from the remote control slot broke - the zipper on the HP sleeve lines up with this perfectly and after a few months of putting that edge down into my bag it gave way. :(
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