HP Getting Out of the Budget Tablet Business

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by Ed Hardy, Dec 4, 2015.

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    HP is going to stop making inexpensive tablets. Instead, the company will focus on business-oriented devices.

    Ron Coughlin, president for personal systems at HP, told PCWorld:

    "We are going to focus where there is profitability and growth and will not chase the low-end tablet market. We are focusing on business mobility to deliver tablets built for field service, education, retail and healthcare."​

    This will mean the end of budget devices like the $99 HP 7 G2, but not more capable products like the HP Pro Slate 8 (which we recently reviewed). In the future, though, the company plans to focus on detachables and hybrids rather than slates.

    Market research firm IDC predicted this week that these are the categories where tablet sales are going to see growth. Jean Philippe Bouchard, the company's Research Director for Tablets, said, "IDC is confident that the detachables segment will nearly double in size in the next year, recording more than 75% growth compared to 2015."

    Although Coughlin did not specify this, it will likely mean HP will be using Windows more in its tablets, but without giving up on Android, as Google's OS is seeing increasing use in the enterprise.
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    When are you guys going to review the Windows version of the HP 608 G1?
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