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    dceggert posted this photo, and I read some of the thread about contact cleaning, did not try and went on with life. At Microsoft store clerk end of 2017 demo'd Microsoft's latest with pen and saw pen did not respond perfectly. I thought related to OS.

    My G2 pens had been completely erratic, but I could futz around and get them to work reliably for a note-taking session. Usually by playing with nib and swapping out good battery for another good battery and / or hardware resetting tablet. Using the pen in a factories with heavy machinery / motors seemed like it would cause reliable functioning to cease.

    Was at eyeglasses store other day, and had to patiently wait. Pen was not working. Remembered this article and photo. Noted spring at #5 seemed extra recessed / smashed in a little from me futzing with.

    I took my swiss army knife out, slid it under the spring and bent significantly outward. THIS HAS IN MY OPINION COMPLETELY FIXED MAJOR PROBLEMS THUS FAR EXPERIENCED, A BANE OF MY EXISTENCE WITH THIS OTHERWISE WONDERFUL ELITEPAD 1000. I suffered with these issues for 3+ years?!

    New pens from HP did not fix, driver upgrades did not fix, upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 to 10 did not fix.

    I can now just pick up the pen and start using it without futzing with it, and it just works, after this simple bending of the spring. This is a spring selection design / manufacturing defect in my opinion.

    So I conclude a spring tension / manufacturing issue has been giving this pen and tablet combination a bad name to 100's / 1000's of users?

    Update 2/6/2018: Right after posting, I experienced the same issue. I bent the spring out even more. It worked again. Days later, picked up pen to use this a.m., and it simply just works without having to mess with it - this new characteristic of simply reliably working from the moment I pick it up was never my experience in the past. It will miss keystrokes if tapping fast, but carefully watching touch keyboard in Windows 10 allows me to not be hampered by thi PPs issue. Handwriting entry is also smooth and reliable. I think that piece of metal doesn't keep its shape well and positive contact is lost. Changing batteries in the past from one new one to another or playing with the nib would probably get some connection going again just enough to work for a short while. Batteries may vary in length a tiny amount. pulling out nub and pressing it back it might squeeze the battery back into contact. HP sent me another pen once simply because the nub wasn't supposed to be removable. Typing on this submission form again, I saw a lot of errors were introduced - was using pen at time, and am now editing to look better. Mostly I work with MS Word on this tablet, and it seems rock solid with pen. Was using handwriting panel and this form with pen yesterday, and was getting weird results (errors), but can't blame pen.

    I may try to wedge a small hard object, rubber ball under metal that I bent outward to try to help it hold its shape.

    Update 2/18/2018: A little piece of cardboard from the battery package is doing the trick. when screwing the barrel together, I now feel a slight amount of pressure on the battery as it bottoms out on the last couple of threads. After taking the photo, I did remove one layer of cardboard, but am not sure it was necessary (due to side button intermittently not feeling good clicking - though working - that's possibly unrelated). paper keeps positive pressure and is working great. Posting via windows 10 tablet with pen in photo, remote logged in to Windows 7 PC using on screen keyboard. Taking long time due to having to scale photo and tap, tap, tap. Thread very old, but passionate about issue and am loving ability to reliably use. I put Velcro on pen and stick it to my retail jacket w barcode scanner, card swiper, and aux. battery. elastic on handle wears out. Velcro and cardboard keeps this great HP system going strong.
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