HP Envy Note 8 with 10-inch Keyboard

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by seeyar, Oct 8, 2015.

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    Usually my screen is responsive to touch. Sometimes it seems to lock up from something going on. Usually it comes back in a minute, but sometimes I have to power-cycle. I think it happens most often after waking up from sleep.
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    It's a so-so device. When it's working well it's sweet but at times it gets frustratingly hard to use. The occasional unresponsiveness could be due to the small bezel and the narrow size, when holding " with one hand, the fingers rest on (he screen ~ I noticed this after a few week of having This problem
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    It can lag at times, but you have to examine the use case. Keep it to note taking, email, browsing, and light productivity and it pretty much holds its own. I think it would be a little demon if it were a 4gb/128gb device, but that said, it will nicely fill the slot MS abandoned with the Surface Mini. In fact, it would be near perfect with those upgrades and a 4:3 (or even 3:2) screen dimension. 16:9 is an abomination - if you can't suffer the black bars in favor of having more screen real estate, you're an idiot (sorry to all the folks I just offended - but tough). I think MS is making a critical mistake there, as the iPad crowd has already proven that the Mini is a preferred size for many users.
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    Wow. This thread is dead.
    NEway, I just bought a HP Envy 8 Note, and I'm wondering if it might run faster with 32 bit Windows 10 installed. Anyone have any ideas about that? My Asus Vivotab Note 8 runs more quickly and smoothly overall, and I'm wondering if the OS is a contributing factor, as it is running on 32 bit Windows 10 as the AVTN8 has 32 bit Win 10 installed.

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