HP Envy Note 8. M.2 SSD in WWAN PCIE slot?

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by fyrebug, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Hi all, first post, great forum. lurked here for a bit reading lots of posts to decide between the dell, asus vivo, and HP, I've just ordered an hp envy note 8 to use as a sketchbook for 3d sculpting in zbrush. whcih amazes me. I never thought as a 3d animator I'd have a 'sketchbook' for 3d sculpting...

    I have no use for the WWAN features, and the wifi is a separate chip on the mainboard. I'd love to swap the Huawei ME936 m.2 card for an m.2 PCIe ssd, So I'm curious if anyone has done that or thought about that yet?

    The main issue would be cracking the HP open, and it's why I ask rather than just jump in. It seems to require a replacement of that black panel, which is annoying and costly. and even if the hardware could theoretically support an m.2 ssd, the bios may not allow it to operate.

    obviously there's 2 types of ssd's for m.2. one uses the pci bus, one uses the sata bus. 99% chance any sata m.2 would not work as those lanes would not be hooked up. but for the WWAN card to work it would need to be PCIe, so those lanes are active. again, it just comes down to if anyone has disabled that in bios.
    I have read of epople swapping the WWAN card for other WWAN cards.. but that's pretty close so not really surprising.

    the m.2 port is a B-key connector. 6 pins on the side.
    looks to be 42mm

    without even having it yet I'm well aware of the limitations of eMMC and obviosuly the capcity. it would be amazing to add a 128gb or 256gb fast SSD in there...


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