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Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by penname, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Maybe there is a power management item you could turn off so it does not shut down.
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    We have many of these devices in our environment and are using the latest drivers. I could make a list of the drivers and version numbers but would prefer to hear if other people have this issue as well before hand. and if anyone has fixed the issue.

    1. Wi-Fi sometimes just vanishes from the network connection list.
    2. Mobile Broadband vanishes from the network connection list.
    3. Screen Rotation stops working.

    When ever any of these happen the HID sensor and Geolocation Sensor both get an error 43. and display a yellow exclamation mark in device manager. Any ideas?

    (I have also tried the power setting on USB Root , l2C HID , and disabled selective suspend from the mobile broadband driver.)
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    I own 6 elitepads( 1 is elitepad 1000), surface pro 3 i7, Samsung ativ 700 i5 and three no-name Atoms and I must say the problems I had with Elitepad 900s are quite identical to the ones I have with the other Win10-tablets I own. I do strongly believe the Atom-processor( the chipset) is the main cause to all the problems( as the problems with Epads are identical to the no-named Atoms') the Elitepads have. Additionally the i5 and i7 tablets have similar issues, but also some new ones, so my conclusion is that they are all OS-based rather than HW design-based issues.
    I did not have that many problems with Win8.1 on the devices and I've read from quite many places that the biggest cause, in Win10, is the drivers have to be signed/certificated( or alike) and that system seems not work.
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    Not sure if anyone else is still using their ElitePad 900 but thought I'd mention that I successfully updated mine to Windows 10 Creators yesterday. Took forever especially since it forced me through the Anniversary Update first. Minor problems with drivers but nothing too difficult to fix. And I'm pleasantly surprised that it seems a bit snappier with Creators.

    My Elitepad is now 50 months old, used every version of Windows 8, public previews of Windows 10, and now every production release of Windows 10. Extensive travel by air and car coast-to-coast and still chugging along. I've moved on to a Surface Pro 4 but still regret that HP gave up on the ElitePad infrastructure.
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    Well I'm still using my Elitepad 1000 anyway. It has become frustrating this year though, because since I updated to BIOS 1.40 Rev.A in Jan, the tablet has begun to crash (some kind of 'Kernel Power State' error) once or twice a day, meaning I can't keep any apps open. It's really frustrating, because under BIOS 1.33, even on Win10, this didn't happen, and now 'due to security changes' I can't go back to that BIOS version apparently.

    I guess maybe these sleep-state issues are similar to those experienced by Win10 tabs like SP4 etc, but damnit, it wasn't happening on my original BIOS. I wish I'd ignored HP's 'Critical Alert' and just kept it as was.

    EDIT: Oh yes, I believe screen rotation has become flaky since the BIOS update too. Basically made tablet use much worse.
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