HP Elitebook Dragonfly: 13" screen, yoga hinge, 2.2 lbs

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by JoeS, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Thank you, @desertlap . I will soon place an order (from HP.com) for the following:
    -- Spectre x360 13
    -- i7 Ice Lake cpu
    -- 16GB RAM/512GB (or 1TB) SSD
    -- FHD display (concession, not choice!)
    -- LTE

    I think it will cost about $1,200. That's an awfully fine piece of kit for that price. Closing comments?

    (Anyone interested in providing me an effective $300 (obo) discount by buying my mint condition, little used Surface Book 13 with 6th gen i5, (weak) discrete nVidia gpu, 8gb/256gb for around $300 with MS pen? That has to be the best $300 (or less) one could spend for an extremely competent device with a wonderful screen, impeccable design/construction and rock stable (W10 updates dependent!) performance! At that price, I should be a buyer (keeper?) rather than seller, but @Steve S has inspired me to lighten up on last gen TPCs.)
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    Solid choice and if you don't absolutely have to have the 4k display, the 1080p version is very good and has the benefit of giving the system about 2 hours more battery life.

    Enjoy your new machine :)

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