HP Elitebook Dragonfly: 13" screen, yoga hinge, 2.2 lbs

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by JoeS, Sep 18, 2019.

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    It's used. That's really pretty cheap, but Seller is 100% rated with over 1500 sales, so it met my smell test. It was about $100 less than comparable units I've looked at on eBay (with exception of the 2tb SSD - that is a bit puzzling, although I remember that option being available earlier this year when it was on two month back order. Prices have started to fall on a lot of 8th gen Intel computers on eBay with the increasing introduction of 10th gen models. Have even seen some clearance sale prices on pre-configured ThinkPads and Yogas. The clincher was getting the warranty report, and confirmation from Lenovo I can extend the warranty for up to 5 years anytime before the base warranty expires (of course they don't know I haven't kept a computer over three years since my ThinkPad x61s).

    Thanks Joe - I would have preferred at least 16:10, and by the looks of the chin on this model they could have easily done that, but so many still use 16:9 it's insane (I guess we productivity workers, just like note takers, are in a sever minority).

    After these long months of searching and trying so many different computers, I think serious fatigue has set in, along with a dose of sour grapes and the constant tracking of returns and refunds. I still do 80% or more of my computer work at my desk at work or at home, most of that in laptop mode. At work, I like to have my computer open and in tablet mode for note taking and just use my two QHD monitors for work tasks. For this, the X1 Yoga will work perfectly, and with it's 14" screen I can actually use two open documents at one time. As a tablet, it is a porker (anything much over 10-12" is, and we have ALL debated the value of an 8" moleskin replacement), and I don't see it as the "haul to quick meeting" solution.

    So, far from being out of the woods, all I've just nailed down is my upgrade for the GB12. I could have (and many sane minds around here would say SHOULD HAVE) waited for some Ice Lake power, but the only thing that has caught a serious eye has been this Dragonfly, and it is 8th gen Intel anyway. My bet is it will be a significant few pennies more, in a similar configuration, compare to the X1. This way, I get on with life, get garage for my Pen, and get 4g LTE as the cherry on the sundae (not to mention a keyboard I LOVE).

    See, it was all sour grapes...
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    This is the first time I've ever wanted you to be wrong!

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