HP Elite x2 1013 G3 2-in-1 Tablet PC 2018 Edition.

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    I had a loaner 1013 G3... I was really disappointed with how consumerized it's become. It's a lot less serviceable, it's less holdable, ditch the stupid groove and give me a micro-sd card slot and a USB A port. What possessed them to make the wifi card a part of the mobo. Why can't I add a second drive internally now? Siiigh...

    Mine was also faulty, the fans started to die with less than 12 hours on it. The screen is excessive, high dpi with slow response, and it chomps through battery. So gutted when HP corrected the parts info for the sureview panel and it became a glossy panel.

    Just because Apple craps out overpriced trash they call Pro, doesn't mean a Professional tablet should have a glossy panel. Overhead and bright lighting makes the default display useless. They sacrifices on the 1013 G3 feel like they were done to prevent cross shopping with the Zbook x2 G4.

    On the conflicted point, it's kinda impressive just how little the G3 grew compared to my G1 in size. Then again the G1 could be gripped without putting your hand or fingers on the digitizer, the G3 is one that I can't hold comfortably single handed without tripping the touch.


    I downloaded fresh recovery media, formatted the drive before restoring. It still acts weird in some ways. I have no clue why it seems to try and shut off it's auto brightness. Which it has but I'm fighting with it to keep it working, and it seems to be linked to the gutted Windows power plans. The Bios seems to be in control for a huge amount of it and HP has restricted user controls massively, since the auto dimming is a result of the intel GPU drivers but it's a mess for power plan selection.
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