How to replace swollen Battery on Vaio Z Canvas

Discussion in 'VAIO / Sony' started by moti n, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Aslo if I test the voltage from the first to the last I get 16.52. So the cells should be fine I guess

    Here is a picture of the cells. They seems fine to me but what do you guys think about it ?

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    <<...It seems my battery is not chargin anymores...I didn't use this laptop for a long time so my guess is the battery drained completely and now its too low to pick up a charge...>>

    @chelin : Your situation strikes me as a little puzzling. After leaving your Z Canvas idle for a long time, the batteries would have almost certainly been in deep discharge, a condition that would make one or more of the cells in your battery pack susceptible to very low voltage or charge reversal. All reasonably engineered Li battery packs have charge controllers that monitor the individual cells. If a cell develops a significant difference in charge state from the other cells in the pack, the charge controller is typically designed to irreversibly shut the battery pack down. This is done for safety, to avoid a fire or other catastrophic cell failure. Once the controller shuts down, it cannot be reset; you would literally have to replace the controller IC on the motherboard (or daughter board).

    So, here's the puzzle; If your charge controller has shut down, I don't understand how your cells can be charged (4+ volts is typical of a charged Li-Ion cell). I no longer remember the specifics of the Z Canvas battery pack, but at 16+ volts output, it should power up your Z Canvas... unless the batteries no longer have any significant current capacity (that is, your 16 volt reading is a no-load measurement). My suggestion would be to put some kind of electrical load, like a small lightbulb, on the battery and remeasure the voltages. If one or more cells promptly drop to zero, you have your answer.

    If the bulb lights and stays lit, then you probably have some other failure on the motherboard. Don't forget to check the I/O button; it might be defective itself!

    Good luck...

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