How to fix you Eee note if stuck at bootloader

Discussion in 'Asus (Android)' started by mcznarf, Apr 16, 2011.

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    First, apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. I did a basic search and could not find the same problem.

    I recently purchased a used Note in nice shape from a forum member, and everything checked out OK the first time I used it a couple of weeks ago. I had some time today and decided to play around with it again. Anyhow, I downloaded some epubs from my e-mail using the basic browser -which went smoothly- and even managed to start reading one of them using the reader program with no issues. Then took a break to jot down some notes with the pen, and imported a pdf into MUViewer with no issues either (played around resizing the file to test what was the optimal size to view comfortably). Went back to home>>books to continue reading, and all of my books had disappeared! So I rebooted and it took me to a dark grey screen (I can see all of the icons on top (wi-fi, SD card, etc.), but nothing on the dark screen is clickable. Pushed the power button again, blank screen; pushed it again, dark screen, and so on.... Pushed the restart button with a pin, it booted, and took me to the same loop, so it seems that I am experiencing some sort of soft brick.

    Any suggestions as to what I need to do? I would really prefer not to have to remove the internal SD card or reflash the firmware, unless I have to). Do I follow Jamie-B's method? Or is there a quicker or more straightforward advice for a fix?.

    Thank you in advance!

    Edit: Since no one seems to be reading this forum, I took the plunge and re-flashed the firmware using the method outlined by Jamie-B. It worked to perfection!
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