How I finally got the Perfect Backup Solution

Discussion in 'Software' started by dmlerner, Sep 5, 2008.

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    I've tried things built into Windows, Cobian, TrueCrypt, basically anything attainable for free. They all fell short in some way or another, but I have finally solved the problem.

    Cobian was about as good as it got, but it still took 9 minutes for 200mb of files, which should take less than a minute from HD to SDHC. I finally looked into writing batch files, and it's perfect.

    Copy paste the code below into a text file and save it as whatever you want .bat

    xcopy "C:\Users\David\Documents\*" "D:\Backup\" /Y /E /Q /V /D

    Change C:\etc to the folder you want backed up. Be sure to end in \* .
    Change D:\etc to wherever you want to back up to. Be sure to include the final \

    This will back up only files changed since the last backup (or everything if it is your first run). If you take out /V it will run about 25% faster, but it will not verify the files, so I suggest you leave it. Takes me 26 sec for 213mb from a 7200 RPM HD to a 4gb SDHC in my cardreader, or 21 sec without /V. For a full explanation, please see to whom I give 95% credit for this post.

    You can then set the file to be run automatically through task scheduler. In Vista, just hit start and type in task scheduler. In XP, I think it's start accessories, system tools, task scheduler, but there might be one more click in there after system tools.

    Vista task scheduler, definitely do advanced options. I was able to have my Backup.bat run every time I lock my computer, aka every time I'm done using it. To just backup the changes I've made in the last day, we're talking like two seconds runtime. A beautiful solution.

    The one thing it doesn't do that I'd like is that it doesn't delete files in the backup that were deleted in the source.

    Good luck and enjoy.
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