How Asus could sell me an upgrade to the Vivotab Note 8.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by yuki, Feb 21, 2015.

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    The one thing I don't need on the OT's list is the full HD screen. I find full HD on a 10" already annoying, let alone on a 8". And going from a 16:10 to a 16:9 resolution, even if you increase the PPI, is a major drawback for me.

    As a matter of fact, this device is about as perfect for me, stat wise, as I could wish. More internal memory and a larger (and faster) "harddisc" would be nice, but not mandatory. The extra slots I don't need, maybe an extra USB port so you can charge and use an USB device at the same time. And a better build quality (so the pen doesn't need a rub every so often...)
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    Yea, until scaling works well on the Desktop I'd prefer the lower resolution. The main problem is old code written before the time of widely varying PPIs. Unless MS finds a good way to "hack" that code to make it scale well, I'd prefer the lower resolution and a slightly grainy image that comes with it.

    I also agree that the Asus is nearly perfect for my needs as is. They could shave a little weight and bulk (smaller bezel, thinner), and it could have a better eMMC (or preferably SSD), but, really, it already hits all the important points I need as is.
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    Interesting you should say that. I noticed that Lenovo no longer has the TPT8 on their site, and I have seen a Lenovo rep acknowledge that the lack of pen input in the Thinkpad 8 was a disappointment to many customers. I would almost expect to see Lenovo do some kind of tpt8 refresh, likely with some kind of pen input.
    Also, as I consider what I might pick up, the Yoga 2 8 with any pen is very much on the table. For an artist I think it would not be an option. But I would want the pen input for precision control of desktop apps first and for note taking second, and the anypen tech looks more than serviceable to me. It will be a while before I spring for anything, tho.

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