HiSense Q5-monochrome screen android tablet

Discussion in 'Other Android Tablet Manufacturers' started by desertlap, Jul 24, 2020.

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    This is an interesting experiment that I hope we see more of. We have one to test out for a customer that essentially bought the majority of them since we are hearing that HiSense has already discontinued it.

    Definitely niche in many ways and most importantly no official google app or play store support. For the customer in question, the battery life and display that is very readable in bright sunlight was the big factor.


    OTOH, If I hear one more writer proclaim that e-ink type displays are better for your eyes than LCDs I'm going to punch something. They each have their advantages such as in this device case not needing a backlight, but there is ZERO science based evidence that one is better or worse than the other.

    User preference is valid, and in that vein when I just want a true reading experience I pull out my kindle.

    So once again the lockdown has made me prone to rants :)

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