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    Hello to everyone! :)

    Gent's I need helpful advices from all of you :)...
    I'm planning to buy tablet for the purpose of design and presentations.
    What I will do with tablet:
    Mainly purpose of usage will be sketching and concept design for interiors. That means device need to have good pen...
    Maybe little bit post production in Photoshop and editing some pictures as a reference to the sketch-concept design. Most of the time I will need to send those sketches via email.
    Also I will need Office because we are using the Word and Excel forms in our Design Department for tracking of projects and staff. Sooo... Multi-purpose ;)...

    I was thinking to go with Samsung ATIV Pro but I hear lots of bad comments regarding the quality of finishing. Cheep-look plastic etc...
    I find really good designed and with high spects Acer Iconia W700 with i5 processor. Does anyone can tell me about that tablet?

    Now you know what and need and for what and really I need help because I don't want to give 1200us/d for cheep plastic. Price is not that much important as a quality of device.

    Any advice and help is appreciated.

    Thanks!!! :)

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