Hi guys have some minor problem, please help..

Discussion in 'Lenovo (Android)' started by Srikanth, Nov 1, 2015.

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    1 - In storage option, the option to select internal or external is not showing,
    Info - SD card is new its sandisk ultra 16gb, luckly card is fine it is showing on that storage menu that 14.83 total space, 14.61 available....Need to know why that option to select is not showing up or if its somewhere where else in tablet.

    2 - Video Calling, to make a video calling is there any option in dallier keypad because i cant see any or in contacts under name there is none video calling option, Do i need a third party software on both side and only with it i can video call?????

    3 - 3G, Near network bars it always shows E i wont it change to 3G, i didt recharge it to 3G pack, download and net surfing is very low it never changes to 3g.

    For now only these are some problems i cant solve and i brought this only 3 days ago so still checking all the feature on tablet...please help if you have any solution on this problem...tyty.
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