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    I have a Tatung/RM TTAB-A12D Tablet PC (AKA Electrovaya Scribbler SC 3100), the same as the ones seen throughout secondary schools in England. It has a 60Gb IDE 2.5inch HDD, 1.25Gb RAM and a 1.6Ghz Intel Centrino Processor. It came preinstalled with Windows XP Tablet, of which I have a Tatung CD. The Hard Drive has just died after about 2 years use, and I have ordered an identicalreplacement. I have a USB to IDE adapter that I used to format and wipe the drive from a desktop PC before it died and then I put the drive back in, together with a USB keyboard and an old CDRW drive, connected via the USB adapter, with the XP disc in order to reinstall the OS. In the past, the tablet has booted off this drive and I have had the "Press any key to enter setup" Now, I just have a screen with a flashing cursor and nothing else. The CD drive starts up and spins, and is sometimes detected by the BIOS, but I cannot get the CD to boot into XP setup. So essentially, I have a tablet, awaiting a new hard drive and an XP Tablet CD but am unable to put everything back together again. Any help of any sort would be most greatly appreciated. I feel totally lost here.
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    Gets the new HDD recognized in the BIOS properly?

    You said 'sometimes detected by the BIOS'. What do you mean. Do you mean that sometimes you see the CD drive and sometimes not? Have you tried a different USB port. Does the CD drive work without problems on a second PC?

    What's your boot order in the BIOS?

    The other option would be to try to boot from a USB stick, sadly I don't know how you can make a bootable USB stick out of your Recovery CD.

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