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    Hi, I am new here so please forgive my ignorance and lack of knowledge.
    Im from the U.K and recently was looking around for a new tablet pc. I wanted one because the Library at my university always gets full so its extremely difficult to find a place to work. A tablet pc would make things far easier with regards to portability. In PC world, a U.K store, the hp split x2 m121sa is £700, but they had a refurbished version for £560. I decided to go for it as it seemed like a decent deal. Now, on their website, this model is said to have the intel core i5 4200u, which, to me is not a bad processor. I do have a budget being a student and so this processor seemed like the best mix of power and budget. I don't need my laptop to be able to run the latest games obviously but at the same time i wanted to be able to run games like fifa 13, even if, on low settings. Having received my hp split x2 today, I have come to find out it actually has an intel core i5 4200y which seems a considerable amount weaker than it's u series counterpart. This has kind of left me in a bad state since I have opened the laptop so cant claim refund( since the product is not faulty in any way). My question to you is there an hp split that has an i5 4200u and another version which has an i5 4200? Could somebody give me the details on the different types of 13 inch split x2 models? Also, do you think i would get a refund? Sorry to have wasted your time with this. An answer to clear this up would be much appreciated. Thank you
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    Stores get the product description based on a standardized product number. It's EAN in Europe and UPC in US, to identifiy products with a worldwide unique number. The problem with the two different Split x2 models (m100 + g100 series) is, that they share the same EAN. That's the reason, why it becomes so confusing seeing ads with 4200U and receiving 4200Y. There is a label on each package and the included CPU type is printed on it.

    It's a mess and you can blame HP for that, because it was a very, very stupid idea to not adjust the EAN. I would say, that's §%%"%, but who cares, they got your money and now it's gone.

    I was also looking for a 4200U model and that's the reason why I have find out that problem, too. Will consumers protected by law? I guess not.
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    The 4202y should have considerably longer battery run times and it comes (some HP implementations) with HD 4400 gpu. Unless you're sure you require the 4200u, the y-version might be a better option?

    Also check out for many of the details you're looking for.

    The HP Maintenance and Service Manual lists the various processor implementations along with the various identification numbers. That pdf is downloadable on HP support for the Split X2.

    You may have done this, but if not I'd advise running either cpu-z or PC hardware to see exactly what's in your Split X2. I had a pleasant surprise on a Pavilion 11 X2 and found it had an N3520 rather than the store advertised N3510!


    PS. DIY hardware upgrades make your Split 13 very attractive. See

    Some views show the jpgs that are missing today. Worth finding a cached page to see the guts of this tablet. Tapatalk shows them on the title page of that thread.

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