[help] tx2510 recovery problem using ghost

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by Niandertal, Nov 21, 2008.

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    hey guys... I think I've just f***ed my recovery partition

    I was installing the new ati drivers (8.11) from their site but my power went off and my notebook wasn't with the battery plugged. So, the setup was interrupted in the middle. Problem is, when I tried to boot again, my vista wouldn't boot, it just restarted a few seconds later. It was looping trying to boot and restarting.

    As soon as I bought my tablet I made my recovery cds (which are not here with me now, but I think it's 2 dvds) and a week ago I made a ghost image of my entire HD (7 dvds, which I have with me right now).

    So, as I couldn't boot the system, I tried to recover everything by using the ghost image that I made last week. Ghost recognizes every partition in the image but when I try to use the option "Disk from Image" to recover everything it just pops up a command prompt window and closes everything (including the ghost software). I can't recover the entire disk, but I am able to recover my C: partition. I tried to recover my RECOVERY partition, but an error occurs (I checked every dvd after burning it and there's no surface/read problems, so they were all burned correctly).

    After I tried to recover my C: partition when I rebooted it didn't boot at all (no windows vista menu at all), it just showed two crazy characters on the screen. Looks like I lost my MBR or something like that.

    I tried to use F11, but I think that when I tried to recover my entire disk it just f***ed my MBR too because it doesn't find the recover partition.

    I was wondering if you guys know how fix this because my ghost image dvds are really updated and I want to recover everything using them. (my hp recovery dvds don't have anything I need)

    btw... any1 knows how to get the Recovery cds that HP sends you? I live in Brazil and there's only option to send it to USA and Canada.
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    i thought that vista breaks ghost

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