Help Surface Book 2 - USB Problems

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Tourniquet, Apr 29, 2018.

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    I've bought a Surface Book 2 a while back to replace my desktop. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but I do have some USB Problems.

    I've connected the Surface Book with the Dock. At the Dock I connect a USB 3 external HDD (which I previously used with my Desktop PC), a USB Headset, and a second Hub for Mouse and Keyboard (sometimes to connect a phone).

    Overall it seems to be working finde, but everytime I really work with the external HDD (like opening a VM which is saved on the disk) EVERYTHING gets disconnected. It seems like the SB2 can't handle the bandwith or something.

    Is there anyway to work around this?
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    Wet a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Clean the pins on the long, narrow part of the charger that you plug into your Surface. Rub the cotton swap back and forth across the on channels: ShowBox Kodi Lucky Patcher too . After you are done cleaning the connector pins, make sure that the pins are dry, and then reattach the Clipboard to the keyboard.

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