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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by leaftye, Oct 20, 2007.

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    hi p8rson, im taking your advice after looking at the m200. so am looking at other alternatives. the fujitsu ones seem to be out of my price range for the time being. am looking at the Lenovo IBM ThinkPad T60, is that the same as the X60T you referred to in your previous post?
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    Hi cmgames,
    Contrary to what you may have read, the Lenovo T60 is not a Tablet.... It is a Laptop.

    An example of this misguided information can be found here where Laptops Direct are titling this as a Tablet PC but again this is not a Tablet.

    Where they are confused is the letter 'T'.
    It should be at the end of the model name, as in X60T, not T60.

    If you can find the X60T it is a very good Tablet.... Just be sure you can handle TrackSticks as opposed to TrackPads.
    Lenovo machines use TrackSticks for controlling the cursor.
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    you seem to be on a quite a small budget, at least in terms of how tablets cost these days.

    i was in your position not too long ago, with a small budget barely with enough wiggle room for options.

    $900 GBP is about $1800 CAD (if the currency factor is still about 2GBP : 1CAD). while i do not know how much tablets cost overseas, let alone which ones are not available, i can't tell you which tablet to get.

    but i will say one thing: if you plan on using this tablet for long-term use (e.g. at least 3-4 years), i'd recommending easing up that budget a little bit and spending some more money to make sure that you make the right decision. too many times people have held back on something only learning later on that they should have spent that extra money for it to last. a cheap tablet now may not have been the right decision a year or two down the road.

    At least that's the lesson my friend has learned. She purchased a used Toshiba M200 (the older version I believe, like the TC4200 is to the TC4400) for extremely cheap: $400 CAD (~$200 GBP). however, it's more underpowered than you could imagine, with only a 733MHz processor and 512 RAM upgraded from 256. Granted, she is only in International Relations (that's her university major) so she is only taking Political Science and Economics courses. But she's trying to multitask on that tablet. You can imagine her frustration when Windows hiccups and burps when she tries to have more than a few applications open at once.

    long story short: consider up-ing your budget to around $1000-1100GBP just for that extra re-assurance that your tablet will last as long as you need it to.
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    I had the same experience when my squadron bought comparable Compaq(HP) tablets back in 2004. Those tablets were slower than any computer I've ever used, even MUCH slower than my 233 mhz celeron based computer at home. They were unusably slow. I used one of them for a week before I finally stopped torturing myself.

    Stated simply, I'm saying a 733 mhz tablet is a waste of money.
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