Help deciding between Thinkpad X1 Yoga, HP Spectre x360, and Yoga 920

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by fuzzybabybunny, Aug 29, 2018.

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  1. fuzzybabybunny

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    Labor day deals are coming up and I need help deciding.

    I'm looking for an ultralight 2-in-1 for video, photo editing, writing, and world travel.

    All three can have the same 8th gen Core i7 processor and UHD 620 graphics card with 16GB dual channel DDR. All have two Thunderbolt ports and quick charging. All three seem to be easy to open up and upgrade the SSD or battery with time.

    HP Spectre x360 13t:
    3840 x 2160 (331 PPI)
    56 Wh battery
    1260 grams

    Lenovo Yoga 920
    3840 x 2160 (317 PPI)
    70 Wh battery
    1370 grams

    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga
    2560 x 1440 HDR Screen (210 PPI)
    54 Wh battery
    1400 grams
    Better built to handle drops.

    - I don't want a 1080p screen. The X1 Yoga screen is well below the 300 PPI mark, but perhaps the better screen quality will compensate? I also hate running games at a non-native resolution because it makes everything blurry. The 2560 x 1440 screen will allow the Intel UHD 620 to run games at 1280 x 720, which would definitely make for a sharper (and smoother) experience. The 4K displays of the other laptops would require running at 1920 x 1080, something I don't believe the UHD 620 would be capable of doing.

    - The 54 and 56 Wh battery of the Spectre and X1 Yoga are small, but with USB-C rapid charging I can just bring along a power bank and easily add extra battery, right?

    - Any other tips for making my decision? Anyone here own these laptops? How are they to use in full tablet mode? How's service from HP and Lenovo?
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    If you're interested in gaming, would you consider the Surface Book 2? The smaller model has a GTX 1050 which is enough to even run some basic VR games. As for charging the X1 Yoga with a battery pack, it's possible but it requires pretty high voltage, I think 20V or 25V or so. That means most USB battery packs won't make the cut. Also note that the X1 has a 16:9 screen, so while tablet mode works well, it's not very pleasant in portrait mode. BTW, the X1 Tablet has a 3:2 screen and a detachable keyboard. Worth a look. Still the X1 Yoga is a great device, I use it in stand mode / media mode every day. Pricey, but nice.
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