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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by MichaelTC, Feb 13, 2019.

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    I was looking for Galaxy Note S-Pen stuff and came across this place. Seems like it fits well with a recent addiction of mine. :D

    Figured with a tablet forum some folk might be interested in knowing if they don't already Sprint has a fairly stupid deal where if you have a phone line on an account you can get an LG G-Pad 8" tablet free and a Galaxy A 10.5" for $100. The drawback is.... the drawback... you need to agree to an unlimited data plan for the tablet. For $25/mo. And there isn't a 1 tablet per phone line restriction even though it sounds like there is, so it's literally an and. $100 then $50/mo is two tablets each with an unlimited data line, just outside of Cleveland I get 80-140Mb/s on the LG and 80-200 on the Galaxy A.

    Note - They suck for video. I haven't tried the VPN stuff yet and don't really know if it works, but I drop from clear to 3-4Mb/s on Netflix's fast.com tests. I don't really mine, though, because it's they have the ads listed as 10gb "mobile hotspot" and everything else unlimited 4g/lte. I assume everything else must include tethering, so both I have the tablets running networks, currently at 40-45gb on each with 5 days to go in the first month.
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    Ugh, hating Sprint year after year.
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