HeatMapper - How to find the flaws in your WiFi

Discussion in 'Software' started by kvoram, Oct 21, 2016.

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    I just mentioned it in another thread but thought this useful tool might warrant a separate post.

    HeatMapper is a tool that can generate a map of the WiFI signal strength in your home/office etc. It runs on Windows and the basic version is free. There is also an Android version but that one you have to buy.

    All you need is some ground plan/sketch of the area you want to check. Then you just walk around and point your positions on the plan.


    It has been around for a few years, so some of you might already know it. I have found it usefeul in the past to get an objective view of the WiFi in my home. It helps identifying weak spots or signal disturbances like a neighbor's WiFi for example. It is also great to find out if the WiFi on your new device is better or worse than your old one.
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    Great find! Kudos for posting about it...

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