Hardware for running a Photoshop oriented drawing screen

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by doobiedoobiedum, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Having played with and still have as a test bed, a Dell Canvas I am happily working away with it powered by a generic lenovo v520s provided by my employer. It has 8GB RAM and no graphics card - I'm running large Photoshop files (CS6) and around 20 layers so far. I also have a 6 second video I am using to animate over so that has been on screen filling the screen up.

    These are all activities my personal 12.3" HP 2760p would struggle to display well. Playback on the HP is weak too.

    So, if I spent more of my budget on the screen - the 27 inches has been a dream to work on, almost like drawing on A2 paper all over again - what is a good budget PC desktop for such a machine? My budget would be around £5-700 for the desktop. I sell more handmade and 3D art than I do digital work so I am not desperate to spend all my profit on a super powerful desktop that would just soak up all my hard earned spare cash.

    - Sketchbook Pro, use this a lot
    - Photoshop CS5.5 used a lot
    - zbrush in small doses
    - blender in less doses until they change that interface
    - shortcut video editing

    For factor - no preference but I would want to be able to upgrade graphics card at a later date. Memory and storage are important. I don't play video games so that part is completely irrelevant for my proposed purchase.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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