Happy TPCR anniversary!

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    .. to me! Ten years of tech addiction on display.


    To be honest I got the tablet bug in 2007 when I got my first Wacom device, an IBM X61 Tablet, four years before I found TPCR. Since then I've tried out many, but like any good TPCR member I was never satisfied. Still searching for that perfect device. I haven't even received my latest impulse buy yet, and I already know it's not portable enough. :p Here's to ten more years of incredible imperfect devices!

    X61t - Amazing all around, died of old age :)
    iPad 1 - Mind blowing awesomeness, had to use capacitive stylus though
    Samsung Series 7 Slate - This is so cool.. and runs so hot! (returned to MS store)
    X220t - First main work laptop with SSD. Loved this thing, just a bit low res (768 vertical)
    Samsung ATIV 500T - Atom processor. Incredible battery life, but too slow to really enjoy.
    Surface Pro 2 with battery cover - Amazing all around, but a bit small (10.1")
    iPad Air 1 - Incredible at the time, how do they make it so thin?!
    Dell VP8 - Bought for novelty, used about five times. It happens.
    ThinkPad tablet 10 - Quite nice, but a bit slow, and huge bezels
    ThinkPad Yoga 12 - Awesome, a tank of a device, kept it for almost four years
    Surface 3 - I'm shocked to say I kind of don't remember owning this!
    iPad Pro 12.9 - Incredible, beautiful, loved inking on this, but at tad too big
    Surface Pro 4 m3 - Impulse purchase, dang you Best Buy ($625 with pen iirc, so I had to)
    X1 Yoga 3rd gen - Replaced my venerable TPY12. A worthy successor, but runs hot (still got it)
    Surface Go - Super cute and fun, but washed out screen and slowish. Sold it in a few months to get..
    Galaxy Book 2 - One of those odd early eBay deals, $500, still use it for the great OLED screen
    iPad Pro 10.5 - Love this thing, still use if for the music apps and media, news consumption
    X1 Tablet 3rd gen - Irresistible outlet deal ($900 for i7/16GB/1TB), love it. My main machine
    Surface Laptop Studio - Oops. TPCR did it again! Presumably in the mail, let's see how long it lasts :cool:

    PS. Found what might be my first post here on TPCR immediately complaining that I need more space. :D Also funny: the first page of that 2011 thread has a lot of familiar faces!
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