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Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by tedmozer, Oct 1, 2008.

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    Among the "bloatware" I chose not to uninstall from my TX2500z was the Slingbox software. I've had and used my Slingbox (original version) for several years now (I was probably one of the first 50 people to purchase one). It is great to be able to sit in the airport terminal with a laptop and wireless connection and watch my local news and sports.

    Anyway, I setup the Slingbox software on the TX2500z from home over the weekend. Connected to my home wireless network. It worked fine, as expected.

    One of the reasons I first purchased the Slingbox was for my night job at a local college. I am the evening Lab person in one of the college computer resource labs. It is mostly a baby sitting job and I have plenty of time to read, surf the web (and spend money I should not) and watch TV. Before I had the Slingbox, I especially missed watching the MLB games during the baseball season.

    Well early last year the college IT service, for what ever reason, blocked my Slingbox through the wired college LAN. I was bummed, but I did get a lot more reading done.

    Tonight I happened to have my HP Tablet with me. I connected to the college wireless network and was playing around with updates and such. Just for grins I figured I'd see if I could connect to my Slingbox. Connection. Great picture. Great sound. I'm a happy camper. The Slingbox is working the best it ever has!

    It could be that they did not block the port the Slingbox software uses on the wireless Lan. It could be that the Vista 64 bit version of the Slingplayer gets around their block. Whatever...... I have TV. Too bad the Yankees are done!!

    The TX2500z and a Slingbox. A great combination.
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