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Discussion in 'Acer (Gateway)' started by Wiz33, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Got my hand on an i3 W700 (without dock or keyboard) during the Thanksgiving weekend and played with it quite a bit.

    General Impression:

    Very solidly built. Great screen but fonts and buttons can be a bit hard to read/click unless you change to 125% or 150%. MS office runs just like on my desktop. Sound is pretty good for it's size and compares well to the W500/510. Netflix and Amazon prime video is perfectly smooth in HD. I played a bunch of videos in varies format up to a 12GB 2 hours 1080p video file (with proper codec installed) with no problem. I did not install any games as others have already post about them. The included leather case works well and offer a few viewing angle options. The batttery life is amazing. I have yet to run the unit out of power despite only charging it at night. Sure, I'm not using it constantly but I would be streaming a couple hours of video and do some browsing and reading all thru the day. I would say that's between about 2.5 hours of video playback and about 4 hours of general use both indoor and outdoor and I have yet to see it drop below 20% so I sure you can get close to the 9 hours as advertised. The unit felt cool during all these time (cooler than an iPad). I have not notice the fan so far but I'm probably not stressing it with what I'm doing.

    In comparison to W510:

    The construction is another step up from the W510. The screen offer more real estate at 1920x1080. It's is a bit hard to read with the small fonts size but zoom is very fast and smooth. So far, I really have not notice much of a speed difference between the two but then again I'm not really running anything that complicated (programs and Apps may take a fraction of a second longer to launch but not noticeable). Not having any SD slot on the tablet is a pain but having a full size USB 3.0 port on the otherhand is great. I get great transfer speed from a Patriot 3.0 flash drive (over 150/mbps read and 80 write). On the other hand. However, the extra .8lbs does make a large difference. Although the weight is about the same as the W500, the fact that it's wider/longer (depending on orientation) makes it feel heavier in the hand. You can forget holding this in portrait mode for any length of time so it's of very limited use as a handheld book reader. Landscape mode also have a small problem because the "window" key is on the lower edge and you will hit it by mistake many time till you learn to just hold the tablet upside down.

    In conclusion:

    The W700 is great for someone looking for a laptop replacement and needs to run some serious software. It's lighter than any similar spec Ultrabook on the market and last longer on battery. That makes it much easier to carry around to meeting or clients. You can certainly get in a full days work without carrying around a charger and a bag. It's is however a bit heavy and bulky for someone who wants a tablet experience.

    The W510 is thin and light and runs forever. It lighter than the current ipad and although it not as powerful, it's actually does more for all practical purpose. I think thin and light is the key for those who wants a tablet experience and being able to run normal windows software is a nice bonus on top.
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