Had Enough of the tf810c, thinking of the Transformer Book

Discussion in 'Asus' started by themugger, Jan 6, 2013.

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    As you may have seen there have been many issues with the TF810c listed in this forum such as

    - Keyboard issues
    - Sound issues
    - Battery issues
    - and the tablet not booting up at ALL!!!

    there most probably is more and to be perfectly honest i have had enough!!! when the thing works i love it but im fed up with the lack of support From Asus and the fact they dont even acknowledge the device! everytime i ring them up and say "i have problems with my vivotab" they are like "vivo tab who?" or "vivo tab rt?" quite frankly its embarrassing!

    Not sure on the release date but im keeping my eye on the Transformer Book as a replacement as it seems much more powerful than the tab, i just hope the reliability and stability is better than the tab! Biggest problem is when the actually decide to release the thing, i have not seen any concrete dates at all!!! and on the asus website they ar listing a 13" version but i have heard a 11.6" version will be release aswell which is the one ill be after!

    whats everyone else's thoughts, had enough? looking to replace? and what with?
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    Funny thing is, when the TF810 came out, people rushed to put Asus on a pedestal of Quality Control and criticized Samsung for the poor SW and HW engineering on the Ativs.... So I guess we can stop trying to claim that any one of those OEMs is perfect or overwhelmingly superior to any of the others. There will always be flaws in the first few batches of any device....No matter which OEM built them! And, very unfortunately, there will always be machines with bugs that will never be addressed....It always happens! The fact is, some tablet models seem to be more solid than others, so praise for craftsmanship must be awarded on a model-by-model basis, rather than based on which OEM built the device.

    So please, let's collectively discourage any OEM fanboism in these forums. They all suck about the same.
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    For me it is all a matter of getting a tablet with wacom penabled capability for use with Corel Painter. I almost got the 810 and still might if they get this issue worked out.

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