Hacked TX2500 Bios

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by David-64, Dec 3, 2013.

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    i'm using a TX2500 with an SSD and i noticed, although it should have S-ATA 2, it doesn't, because i only get about 140-180 Mb/s. If i plug the same SSD into my big PC, the SSD gets up to 360-390 Mb/s.

    Also i would love to see that stupid whitelist removed.

    I know there are hacked Bioses for the TX2000, the TX2 and other AMD Insyde Bioses - are they "real", or ar they hoaxes, beacuse it looks like the Insyde Bios is an absolute nightmare (if i scroll through the bios-mods.com forum - i did not find any TX2500 Bios)?

    Also i have a strange chirping noise when the fan is turned off - although it could be just normal C-State chirp, i'm not really sure, because it gets quieter if i turn the screen brightness down - inverter on it's last legs maybe?

    Hope someone still uses the TX2500 and has some answers for me :D
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