Genius? Or Retarded?

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Act of pure genius or gone full retarded?

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    So I got done installing 2 SSDs in my new "The Upside Down" HP I got last week to replace my outgoing VAIO Z Canvas (goodbye old friend. Sorry my eyes got two ****ty for your petite size...).

    I bought a 512GB Intel 720p NVMe for boot and file storage, and a 960GB Sandisk SATA SSD from my glitchy Dell 7568 for media storage. I'm keeping the RAM at 16GB since it's fine for what I do atm. The VAIO Z Canvas is spoken for by a friend. Paid for the HP and the SSD with few hundred still left over.

    The HP has 15W quad core i7 (8550U) while the VAIO Z has 47W (operating at 35W) quad core i7 4770HQ. These two processors are about 4 years apart.but performs about the same. So in those 4 years, the improvements went entirely into efficiency. I wish a 17.3" Penabled device was coming out with the new Coffee Lake 45W hexacore i7 or i9. But in the meantime, this HP will do.

    Anyways, look at how the HP dwarfs the VAIO in this picture. 17.3" vs 12.3'. Yowza.

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