Galaxy Z Fold 3 - An Open Letter to Samsung

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    Dear Samsung:

    It is an open secret that you are already designing, and maybe even testing, the Fold 3. Even your CEO acknowledged that you are listening to your customer's request/desire/demand for an S Pen during Unpacked Part 1. There are untold rumors that the Fold will replace the Note line. Here are some suggestions from a "near" customer multiple times for a Galaxy Note:
    1. The Note 7 was the near perfect size device, and base Note 10 was close. Do not abandon the classic Note concept, but bring out a powerhouse but standard size Note in the Note 10 format (no more Plus or Ultra).
    2. Galaxy Z Fold 3
      1. Of course, S Pen in a silo.
      2. Go back to sharp but SMALLER cameras - no gluing a domino to the back of the device
      3. Customize your Android load to use the screen as if it were Surface Duo-like dual screens
      4. Add a mSDXC slot for storage expansion, unless you can offer 512gb at reasonable price
      5. What is a "reasonable price" - anything under $2500. My friends here will gasp (choke) at that number, but that's my guess what all of the requests above will add to the current price.
      6. If you can somehow manage to keep the price at $1999 (without going to cheaper screen tech) you will own the space in the phone market, as well as many of us who have to carry a phone and tablet on daily basis.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
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