Galaxy TAB A SM-T550 -How can I remove the update

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by Tony Bennett, Jun 15, 2016.

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    I am screaming my damn head off at this tablet. I use it every day and three days ago there was an update and it has screwed up the tablet. I bought it earlier this year so its not that old. I have apps I pay for and use like Netflix and Gaia TV plus a few others. I talked online to a representative chat system and I had the brush off! She just said it would right itself after a couple of weeks!! That is an appalling customer service. They caused it and yet do not take responsibility for it. So how do I get back to the old versions:
    Android v 6.0.1
    Kernel v 3.10.49-7931139
    Build v MMB29M.T550XXU1BPE1
    Knox v 2.6
    Hope this info helps. I will now never buy a system that does this. As soon as I can I am going to afford a better system.

    I am dependant on this as I use it as an escape from my chronic pain. I watch TV, Films, listen to other radio stations and research. I don't use the computer as much now I have this.

    Thank you for reading. Hope you can help

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