Galaxy Tab A. Need help!

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab' started by R-keeper, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Hi, I got a galaxy tab a for xmas and unfortunately my mother either didn't think to get the one with the s pen or it wasn't there. I've since bought a few different pens for it and while some of them work the ones that do aren't that great. The good one I bought doesn't work because I don't have the s pen version.
    My question is this: is there any way for me to install some software in order to use this, worryingly expensive, wacom bamboo smart pen?
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    Nope, the S-Pen Model has a digitizer panel beneath the screen. Without that there is no way to get the Bamboo Smart pen to work. Any software hack won't do because it's a lack of hardware.

    If it's past the point of returning it to best buy, I would try selling the tablet off Amazon or EBay, take what you can get and buy the S-Pen model.

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