Galaxy Chromebook 2

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by desertlap, Jan 7, 2021.

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    Extreme color choice aside (though it will be available in a gray color as well) this, I predict will be big seller.

    Yes, it's a Chromebook, but this is really nice hardware especially for the price. We had very brief hands on with it Tuesday and it its every bit as well made as its predecessor.

    So the questions I have are, one why can't we have a windows based version? Maybe even a Windows X device?

    Two, this does seem to be a "if you build it, they will come?' device, eg. Is it enough to improve and get devs to port apps to android or chrome OS that for example take real advantage of the s-pen (which by the way is one of the nicer iterations of it)

    From Gizmodo

    BTW: Though it's not Apple continuity level, there is improving intergration between Google devices such as the Pixelbook and Pixel phones. Things like automatic tethering , web page sharing etc.

    EDIT: I'm hearing conflicting info on if it includes a s-pen or not. It does support one though it's not garaged like the previous model.
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