Galaxy Book S - Can't access certain web sites

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by MAWillister, Jul 27, 2021.

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    Anyone else have an issue with the Book S not being able to reach certain sites while using mobile data? I use T-Mobile and while on mobile data, I can't reach . This is a personal server that should prompt you for a login when you try to connect.

    On T-Mobile LTE it tells be site cannot be reached.
    On literally any wifi network I connect to, it works just fine.
    All of my T-Mobile phones and tablets can connect.
    It's just the Book S on the LTE that can't connect.

    I've been on the phone with T-Mobile with multiple tickets since March trying to sort this out. They say there's no problem on their end.

    So I'm hoping someone else with a Book S and T-Mobile (or other carriers I guess) can try that address and let me know if you are also blocked.

    Thanks in advance.

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