Galaxy Book (Flex): switch on while closed?

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by ps555, Jul 26, 2021.

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    I am using my Galaxy Book (Flex 15.6 1st gen) as main system, because it is much faster (SSD, CPU etc) than my old Desktop PC (2012), needs less power etc.

    But I am using it in closed state, because I have 2 external monitors, wireless keyboard/mouse ...

    I already configured windows to not shut down / hibernate when closing the Book while connected to the charger.

    But I cannot switch on the Book while it is closed. It does not do anything, when I press the power button short/long whatever.

    Older Notebooks I have used, had a Bios-option for that (or had the Power-Button under the display so I had to open it anyway).

    Does anbody know, how to switch it on with closed display/lid?
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    That's an interesting problem. -A lot of the standard help websites out there talk about toggling the power settings which you've already done, but they don't talk about turning on the laptop while the lid is actually closed.

    I did see this, however:

    Basically, it has you never turn the machine off, but rather hibernate when you're done work, and set it to wake from hibernation upon detecting mouse activity.
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    Same, I have a laptop with power button inaccessible from the side. Just turn on the laptop, wait until desktop appear, close the lid, wait a bit then click the mouse
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