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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Steve B, Jan 7, 2021.

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    I would like to get everything set up for best usage of the pen for art. I believe others ran into issues, and rather than reinvent the wheel, I'm hopping to get your sage input. It also seemed like a good opportunity to make a useful thread for future readers.

    I know I need to uninstall Samsung Air, which I don't know how to do, as just "uinstalling" it didn't seem to do anything. After that, can I just install the Wacom driver? Or no?

    Thanks ahead of time.
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    Hi there, what did you end up doing to set up the pen? I just bought the Galaxy Book Flex 2 and am facing the same question... I want the pen button to work as right-click, but it isn't doing anything. I first just deactivated the button use in Air Command and activated "Use the pen button as a right-click equivalent" in the “Pen and Touch” settings, but although the button stopped calling up the Samsung stuff, it doesn't act as right-click. I then uninstalled Air Command, but no change. I remember way back when I was setting up my T902, there was another tab in the pen settings where one had to also activate the hover click, else the aforementioned “right-click equivalent“ setting did absolutely nothing, but I can't find that tab anywhere on the Flex.

    I also tried out my old Fujitsu pen on the Samsung, and apart from the right-click not working there either, it actually works great! Far better pressure response than the toothpick that comes with the Flex... It had a slight offset to the right, but after calibrating it, it is fine. Now the S-pen has the offset, but to the left, which is ok because I can see the cursor dot, the other way around the pen obstructed my view of the dot (am right-handed). The erasor works too, but the two pen button do nothing at all at the moment.

    So if I could now just get the button to right-click, I'd be quite happy, if it is possible to get both pen buttons working, that would be a great bonus... Any tips?
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    About Samsung's windows + wacom EMR device tips, I think you can take a look at this post
    Samsung Notebook Pro 13/15, Pen & Galaxy Book FAQ/Tips | - Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

    In addition, don't use the old feel it EMR 1.0 Fujitsu pen on newer devices. The initial activation force of the old pen is more than 3 grams
    Because the nib length is different from the position of the nib coil component, the 1.0 technology pen is used on the 2.0 technology equipment, and the light mark will be offset about 5mm to the lower right corner when the pen is perpendicular to the screen.
    In addition, 2.0 technology equipment supports tilt sensing, when tilt 1.0 technology pen, there will be more than 1cm cursor offset.
    Therefore, the 1024 pressure sensing level pen can hardly be used on the 4096 pressure sensing level wacom feel it EMR 2.0 technology device. On 2.0 technology devices, it is almost impossible to calibrate the cursor correctly with 1.0 technology pens.
    So as long as the pen of wacom feel it EMR 2.0 technology, there is basically no cursor offset problem.

    My tips:
    wacom has licensed feel EMR technology to a third-party computer manufacturer, wacom does not provide a complete pen driver to most devices (except HP zbook x2 uses intuos driver and Dell canvas 27 uses feel it driver, both of which are written by wacom), but we still have many third-party solutions.
    1: Pressure sensitivity:
    Nowadays, most applications are adapted to windows ink, but there are still some old software using Wintab API, such as sai2. Sai2 has no Wintab API driver if it has no pressure sense, but we can set it to use Windows API to save and restart (although the pressure sensitivity is limited to 1024 level, it is enough). In addition, the newly discovered PC driver Wintab API for downloading superdisplay can also be used normally in some programs.
    2: How to customize shortcut keys on pen:
    The pen with one or two buttons can be mapped and adjusted through the "tablet Pro pen tool" Application of Microsoft app store.
    3: Problems of pressure curve control:
    The global pressure curve of all programs can be solved by "lazy nezumi Pro" application program.
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    Personal ranking of wacom UD EMR 2.0 electromagnetic pen:

    Onyx note second generation original pen (this is the cheapest single button + tail eraser, this pen is relatively thin, only 2 / 3 of the diameter of zbook x2 full specification pen, personally test the minimum pressure gram of more than 3 G, no way, the pen of e-book is mainly not used for drawing, so it can save cost).

    Galaxy Book second generation original pen (single button + tail eraser + magnetic adsorption, starting pressure should be 3G by feeling).

    Acer concept d 7 ezel original pen (a rare double key pen, the shape is a small pen which is easy to store. If you want to improve the grip feeling, you can only add a shell. The price is not known yet.)

    Wacom one dtc133 original pen (only one button, a cheap and practical pen)

    Samsung tab S7 / S7 + original pen (single button + magnetic adsorption + special Bluetooth remote control module for Samsung)

    Samsung tab S6 Lite original pen (single button + magnetic adsorption, different from other spens, this one has no Bluetooth function and does not need charging)

    Staedtler EMR pen (the old version has no buttons and eraser, but the new version of Staedtler has an eraser, completely a pencil shape).

    Lmay EMR stylus (it feels good to hold in your hand, but only one button).

    Remarkable 2 enhanced original pen (with tail eraser and magnetic adsorption function, this is the best e-book pen,)

    Zbook x2 original pen (single button + tail eraser shape is similar to wacom's penpro2, good holding feeling, the lowest activation pressure gram is the lowest 1 gram in the electromagnetic pen, the minimum force pressure transition is perfect).

    Acer conceptd 9 original pen (Acer conceptd 9's pen is only available from some small supplier websites, such as zandparts. The pen body is 35 euros, and it has double buttons and magnetic adsorption. This is the best wacom UD EMR 2.0 electromagnetic pen.)

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