Fujitsu & Wacom Pen Drivers- 64bit vs 32bit

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by TheOnlyKingArthur, Apr 10, 2011.

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    So I've been playing with the different versions of Wacom drivers and what I've found is the latest pen tablet driver from Wacom (ISD_DualTouch_701-8) works with pressure sensitivity on Photoshop CS5 64bit, Sketchbook Pro 2010 and Sketchbook Designer 2011, and OneNote. It also causes the occasional BSOD when I restart which is awesome.

    The older Wacom driver from the Asia site (PenTablet_505-7) works with pressure sensitivity on Photoshop CS5 32bit, Illustrator CS5, Painter 11, ZBrush 4, Maya 2011 and ArtRage. It has not cause any BSODs which is more awesome.

    Installing one driver or the other will enable pressure on half my software and disable it on the other half. Has anyone found a driver that works with all their software? It almost seems like a split between 64bit apps and 32bit, except I'm pretty sure Maya is 64bit and maybe ZBrush too. In the Photoshop thread I read that some were having success with the Fujitsu drivers but I haven't been able to find them easily from their website. Maybe someone can post a link?
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    The Fujitsu drivers are here:


    I'm currently using the Wacom (ISD_DualTouch_701-8) with PS CS5 64-bit and the pressure sensitivity seems to work fine.

    Sketchbook Pro 2010 pressure sensitivity works with this one too.

    I got the BSOD only once with these drivers.

    I might try the Fujitsu ones as well.

    If you install the Fujuitsu, keep us updated on your progress.
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