Fujitsu T904/T935/T936 Hinge Issues

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by rudih, Mar 30, 2016.

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    It's a T904 after two and a half years of borderline-abuse. Nobody's reported the gap/crack in the T935/T936 because nobody talks about them at all, but they should have the exact same issues because it's a design problem and they have the same design and components as the T904. The hinge is too flexible, so the top part slightly separates from the bottom part and you see a crack/gap. in4mer and rudih had their display malfunction, presumably as a result of the hinge design.
    The gap/crack is definitely aesthetically displeasing. The the plastic doesn't actually do anything except visually conceal the steel hinge. It's not visible in tablet mode, but in laptop mode it's very noticeable.

    Regardless I wouldn't recommend buying a T9xx unless you get a really good deal on it, at full price there are better options.
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    I bought the Fujitsu T936 one year ago in Germany. Fortunately the hinge is still working nowadays. But I have also noticed that the hinge itself is not so stabile if I convert this machine from laptop modus to tablet modus. So I feel anxious for this issue if someday it doesn't work and the guarantee will be overdue at the same time. The replacement of whole digitizer unit will cost me for over 1000€ locally...
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