Fujitsu Q737 does not have pen support

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by WuffWuff, May 25, 2020.

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    Good day everyone!

    Wanted to share some information on this tablet in regards to pen/wacom function that doesn't exist in Q737 if someone is thinking they are buying a tablet for drawing.

    (Edit: I decided to make this post shorter as believe wrote too much last time)

    As it turns out unlike other Fujitsu Q series tablets such as Q736/Q775 which all supported Wacom EMR this specific model Q737 does not have any pen support at all. I was very excited when i first spotted it on ebay but upon arrival and multiple days of testing, trying different versions of windows and drivers from other tablets i could not get this tablet past the basic touch screen functionality. Not knowing what might be the fault or if i just have a damaged digitizer i found another two Q737 tablets on ebay and both of them displayed a photo of windows system information which mentioned "Touch support with 10 touch points" but no mention of the pen. And before i sold this tablet completely i found a brochure from Fujitsu in Japanese but with the help of my phone and camera i managed to translate the text which said specifically for Q737 "optional EMR panel must be fitted to use with pen" This explains why i had a piece of plastic stuck in my pen port as i thought its because you had to buy pen separately. But in reality this tablet never came with a pen support as a stock feature. So there you have it folks not all Fujitsu Q series come with a pen support, they have the touch screen but as of now the EMR panel is a optional feature.
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