FS: Samsung Galaxy Book 12 4GB/128GB Black

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    Selling my GB 12/4GB/128GB
    Model: SM-W720NTKBXAR
    Windows 10 Home, obviously will be reset prior to shipping

    I am the 2nd owner, bought from another TPCR member here. Used this mostly to create artwork. As you can probably assume, TPCR members will take great care of their tablets and not abuse them.

    Includes original keyboard, pen, charger, cord, and box
    Does NOT include 128GB micro SD card

    No scratches or cracks on case and screen.

    There is a slight flaw in the screen in the upper right corner (landscape mode) where it looks like a bubble or delamination about 5 mm high and wide. I noticed this months ago and it doesn't appear to be getting any bigger. It's not noticeable with bright colors, but you'll see it with anything dark. The pen still works in that area.

    Asking $400, preferably PayPal, shipping included via USPS if continental US.

    I've made one purchase on TPCR, 100% ebay: newyearsbaby72

    Used this as my daily tablet for eight months, but upgraded to the 8GB version for animation software. It's been sitting unused in a drawer every since, what a waste of artistic potential... it needs a good home!

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