FS: Quad-core Fujitsu T901 [super upgraded] / 16GB RAM, nvidia discrete GPU, 13"

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    Fujitsu T901, i7-2720QM CPU, 16GB memory, nvidia Quadro 4200M GPU, 320GB HDD, Windows 7 Pro x64 (original Fujitsu install), multitouch, modular bay battery.

    Originally purchased refurbed from Fujitsu ~2 months ago, upgraded, not used much since then.

    note: screen shows my personal install of Windows 8; buyer will receive HD with Fujitsu's stock W7 install.

    Asking $1700.

    Paypal preferred.

    Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, will ship to most places in the world. Buyer responsible for shipping cost and any additional fees (customs etc)

    eBay Feedback

    This is a Fujitsu T901 that's had the original CPU replaced with a quad-core i7-2720QM. The transplant was originally inspired by this thread on notebookreview. The T901 (like every current model Tablet PC, including the newer T902) was only offered by Fujitsu with dual-core CPU options.

    Therefore, unless you're also willing to completely disassemble a normal T901 to replace the CPU, this is the fastest Tablet PC you can possibly get right now. This is substantially faster than the T902 or any of the other current-generation dual-core Ivy Bridge-based tablets for any rigorous work, such as Photoshop, 3D modeling, or video editing.

    That's along with the normal advantages the T901 offers (large 13" screen, 16:10 ratio, discrete nvidia GPU, second battery in modular bay, 2-button pen).

    No visible scratches or scuffs on the casing.

    Also includes Photodon anti-glare screen protector, but it's got some dust specks/bubbles because I didn't do such a great job applying it.
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