FS: NEW Lenovo X201T Bump Case

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    Selling this on eBay, PM me on here or @ eBay with questions/inquiries, whichever you prefer :)

    Lenovo X201T Convertible Bump Case - eBay (item 170553683021 end time Oct-17-10)

    NEW - Edited under required form, see below:

    ================================================== ========

    1) [Name of Product and specifications goes here *Required]:
    Elegant Packaging - Lenovo X201T bump case

    2) [New, Used (for how long) or Refurbished *Required]:

    3) [Post an image of your product. Must be a picture of the actual product you own with your TPCR username included in the picture.]

    4) [Price or Trade *Required]:
    Starting at $50 on ebay.
    (Note: If it doesn't sell on eBay, you can PM me your best offer on the eBay account or on this forum.

    5) [Payment methods accepted *Required]:
    Paypal via Ebay

    6) [Shipping methods, Shipping locations (Overseas, Interstate, Local, etc.) *Required]:
    See eBay site for details; calculated depending on buyer location and requested speed of delivery. Will ship within 1 business day of receiving payment.

    7) [Feedback for reference]. (Ebay, Previous TPCR sales, etc.) If you do not have feedback please state so. Do not leave this section blank! *Required]:
    See eBay site (link at top of post)

    8) [Additional comments about the item] (Reason of sale, Warranty information, etc.)
    From eBay link:

    Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify "Best Offer" or "Nearest Offer". If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.

    ================================================== ========
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