FS: Fujitsu Lifebook T4010 Tablet 1.6 Ghz Centrino, Loaded, 8hr Battery Life, 1 GB Ram + Much More!

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    For sale is a Fujitsu Lifebook T4010.

    1.6 Ghz Intel Centrino Processor (1.6GHz Intel Dothan M725 processor)
    1 Gb Ram
    60 Gb HDD
    CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
    Dual Batteries (Up to 8.5 Hrs battery life on energy saver profile)
    Wifi b/g (Intel's PRO/Wireless 2200BG)
    12.1 inch XGA Wacom Penabled Tablet Display
    Intel 855GM Graphics controller with 64 megs of shared memory and Intel's Extreme Graphics 2 driver
    Dual Microphone array
    PCMCIA Slot
    2 USB ports
    SD/Memory Stick Reader built in
    Infared Port
    VGA out

    Cross Tablet Pen
    All Restore CD's
    3 3M Screen Protectors
    Spare Battery for CD Bay
    1 Targus Universal Power Adapter
    Original Stylus (Doesn't work)
    Original manuals and paperwork
    CDRW/DVD for CD Bay
    License for Windows XP SP2 Tablet Edition (same as XP SP2 with Additional Tablet features)

    Formatted for sale, runs perfectly, fast, can play UT2k4 at average settings. Very reliable computer. Can handle photoshop and Wacom Penabled screen is pressure sensitive, making drawing on screen a breeze for artists. Wide angle XGA screen is sharper than most Tablet screens. Computer has run, and lends itself to running OSX86, runs fast and natively, without any issues, making it a very inexpensive OSX tablet. Highly recommended for that use. Exceptionally long battery life, with a single battery installed, 3.5 hours, 8+ hours with both installed. I used it with a GPS on a trip to and from California, worked like a charm. Not one bad sector on the HD. Perfect for students, Microsoft Journal software allows for one to take notes on screen and instantly convert to text. Ready to use out of the box, all windows updates and drivers updated and installed.

    Small hairline scratch near left palm rest. Light scuffing on casing. Bottom shows some wear. Only prominent problem with the laptop is the fan makes some noise. Its quiet the rest of the time but occasionally makes noise. When you start it up, 1 in about 10 start ups will give you a "Thermal Sensor Failure". Which is, again, the fan acting up. Beyond that it works perfectly. Sticker that says "Wacom Penabled" is coming up on corner, just really a nuisance, I just don't want to take off any original stickers. It's been with me for a year or so now, suited me very well. I cant complain about it. I have the original AC Adapter that came with it, it just stopped working one day, so I bought a Targus Universal replacement, which in case it fails, has a 3 year warranty on it from Targus.

    I see these going with lower specs and no accessories going for around 700 on ebay, so here I figure I'll ask for 600 Obo plus insured shipping of your choice because I'd like it gone soon.

    I ONLY accept Paypal, so that we're both secure in our transactions. I'm Paypal Verified, and will ship from Cambridge, MA. If you're in the Cambridge Area, I will meet you in Harvard Square and am willing to take cash in that situation.

    My paypal address is aqhuss@fas.harvard.edu

    And if you want, I have a TON of gadgets I need to unload, trying to clean out my closets before I move into a new apartment. T-Mobile Phones, and generations of great gadgets, PM me and I'll send you a list.

    Here are reviews of the same model laptop:

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