For Sale: Toshiba Portege M400 - 1.6GHz/1GB/80GB/WiFi, Toshiba Ext Wty

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased the Toshiba Portege M400 from I purchased this tablet after doing research among others to see how it would perform in my career field of project management. Well it has met my expectations and more. I could not keep this a secret and decided to share it with some co-workers. Well I must say that I now have another tablet from work because our organization was amazed at the possibilites of this device. Everyone in our division and the executive management now have tablet pcs to perform our work.

    I purchased this at and have had it for three weeks and really haven't used it thoroughly as I have with my work tablet. And since there is not a need to have two, I must part with this one.

    I am going to sell it for less, since it is not officially brand new, though it still has the plastic covering on the tablet. I have the original boxes, manuals and software for the tablet and an Executive case for $1550. This is a leather Targus and I am basically giving it as a bonus.

    I'm considering Ebay, but most of the Tablet Pc fans are here at this site and I wanted to allow them the opportunity to purchase this wonderful device. For the sake of safety I may consider Ebay, but will give it and everyone here an opportunity first. Though I am a postive eBay seller (cmxlive), and a verified and confirmed PayPal member.

    I am also flexible and honest, and will any answer everyone and try to respond to all reasonable requests as well. Please email me with any questions, comments and of course offers that you may have.

    Good luck to all and look forward to hearing from you.

    Charles (

    I have listed the tablet on Ebay if anyone is interested.
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