For Sale: Fujitusu T904 (4300U, 256GB SSD) + extras

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    1) [Name of Product and specifications goes here *Required]
    - Fujitsu T904, base model with i5 4300U, 8GB RAM and user upgraded 256GB Samsung EVO SSD.
    - Original silo'd Wacom EMR stylus
    - Full size Samsung S-Pen /w eraser and extra nibs.
    - Original power slim power adapter
    - additional third party power adapter
    - high quality form fitting case (Incase, designed for 13" MacBook).
    - original documents and restoration disks.

    2) [New, Used (for how long) or Refurbished *Required]
    Used - bought Feb, 2014 and lightly used until May 2015.

    3) [Post an image of your product. Must be a picture of the actual product you own. You must provide pictures of it to show the condition and demonstrate it is in your possession (ie: picture of tablet with your TPCR username also in the picture or a picture of TPCR website on your tablet's screen showing you logged in and your username inked on the tablet to prove the digitizer functions).
    ....*Required if the item is valued at $100+ or offered for trade.

    20151012_171702.jpg 20151012_171841.jpg


    4) [Price or Trade *Required]

    5) [Payment methods accepted *Required]

    6) [Shipping methods, Shipping locations (Overseas, Interstate, Local, etc.) *Required]
    Will ship free to continental US, outside the of the continental US is also a possibility but we would have to negotiate any other charge for shipping.

    7) [Feedback for reference]. (Ebay, Previous TPCR sales, etc.) If you do not have feedback please state so. Do not leave this section blank! *Required]
    I've never sold anything on Ebay (or online generally), so I have no feedback to provide. I'm very active in this forum community though, so hopefully you "know me" in some sense to add comfort to the purchase.

    8) [Additional comments about the item] (Reason of sale, Warranty information, etc.)
    The device is in good condition. There are some minor cosmetic scratches on the exterior (particularly on the bottom as can be seen above). There are no scratches on the screen though. It was used fairly lightly during ownership. My main computers are my desktop machines and my main note taking tablet was my 8" Asus Vivotab Note 8 during ownership. The T904 was mainly used as my laptop during travel (maybe 5 or so ~week long trips), casual surfing in my recliner, and for a larger note taking "canvas" in cases when the AVN8 was insufficient (rare).

    I user upgraded it to a 256GB Samsung EVO SSD immediately after purchase. In preparation for sale, I've wiped the SSD and restored it using the factory restore discs. The OS (Windows 8.1) is in "like new" condition waiting for initial account setup (pictured above).

    I'm selling it because I determined an Atom powered Surface 3 was sufficient for my needs, replacing both my AVN8 and T904 in a much lighter package. My mobile computing needs are very light on the local processor (I use remote terminals for my heavy stuff), and my "laptop" needs are very infrequent (as described above).


    Attention Buyers: Please do not offer less than what the original poster asked for unless they specify "Best Offer" or "Nearest Offer". If you have a question about the price of an item please private message the original poster.
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