For Sale-Acer R7-572G,16GB RAM/256GB SSD/2GB GT750M NVIDIA

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    1) Acer r7-572G with 16GB RAM,256GB SSD,and NVIDIA GT750M 2GB graphics.1080p screen
    2) Used-bought in excellent cosmetic condition from a well known user on this forum but it is not approved by my school.They want me to buy another product so I'll use the money from the sale for that purpose.

    3) .[​IMG]

    4) Selling for $800 with free shipping

    5) Paypal only

    6) Will ship only within the US.Expedited shipping with USPS

    7) I registered for TPCR about 2 weeks ago.I have been a regular reader for the past year.

    8) Selling because it is not approved by my school lab.They require an entirely different system.I was not made aware of this prior to purchasing the system from a well known member of this forum.Selling at a big discount to what I paid because I really need to buy something else quickly.I have used the system only 4 times since I purchased it about 1 month ago.Please PM me if you're willing to purchase or have any other questions.I will ship very quickly if purchased before 5pm on a given day.Thanks
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    I'm sure this is a long shot, but as this model is so hard to find, do you happen to still have it? PM sent as well.
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