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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rob1116, Jul 18, 2006.

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    I placed an order from (located in Quebec, I'm in Ontario) on Sunday afternoon, it shipped Monday morning, and I received it Tuesday around noon! So basically, one business day from ordering to my door... not bad at all. I received the 3M screen protectors in the same box as my T4210, and the modular bay battery in a seperate box (but received at the same time).

    The packaging was superb... I have no doubt the box could have been beaten quick badly without damaging the tablet (not that it was beaten up).

    So, assuming my experience with CenDirect ends here (I hope it does, everything is here and in working order), I would recommend them as a retailer.

    The only complaint I wish to report is the lack of proper telephone support. I called the number several times, and each time the phone rings four or five times before a voice-box for Tony Gorgans (owner/manager I believe) picks up. Quite unprofessional IMO, but it's not critical really. I must mention that CenDirect states right on the Contact Us page that their preferred method of communication is Email, so I'm assuming you'd get a better response that way. Also, I didn't bother leaving a message because I wanted to speak with someone right then, (if I wanted to wait I would have just emailed).

    I have it now instead of a minimum two weeks, for pretty much the same price... so I'm fully satisfied. Expect comments on the T4210 from the perspective of a first time tablet owner and student in the next day or two!
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    I have also had superb service with I bought a HP TC4200 over a year ago. I had communicated via email to the customer help desk before purchasing and a fellow there helped me with my transaction. My correspondance with him was in french, and when I ordered the english keyboard (by mistake) he e-mailed me to ask if this was correct, since we had talked in french. Talk about great service! Of course I switched and was very happy! Received the shippement in two days! Great company! Will do business with them again!
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    Awesome news. I'm really glad you had no problems with CenDirect. It looks more and more likely I'll buy the T4210 from them.

    I'm looking forward towards reading your first impression of the tablet. :)
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